Purchase Area Catholic Conference

The Knights of Columbus has an assortment of new programs as part of its Faith in Action service programs. As part of the new programs, there are several that are required in order to qualify for a variety of annual awards. One of which is called “Spiritual Reflection.”

In order to help not only ourselves qualify, but also our surrounding brothers in other councils as well as edify all available men (Knight or not), we have decided to put on a qualifying event:

The Knights of Columbus Council #6897 is pleased to present to you the first conference of its kind to be put on specifically for *all* men in the purchase area of Kentucky and Tennessee!

Taking place on September 28th at the Father Saffer Hall in Murray, we welcome you to be entertained and spiritually edified by three local speakers with connections to nearby St Leo parish. The event’s theme is “Deepening Your Intimacy with Christ.”

Father J Michael Clark grew up in Murray, KY and attended St. Leo parish. He is currently the pastor at Blessed Mother Catholic Church in Owensboro.

Father Mike Williams was pastor of St. Leo prior to 2010 and is currently the Director of the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Campus Center at West Kentucky University.

Father Jason McClure was pastor of St. Leo from 2010 to 2016 and is currently the Vicar for Clergy & Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Owensboro.

In addition to these excellent speakers, an extended period will be provided for the purposes of the provided lunch and for reconciliation.

We are very much looking forward to hosting this event and cannot wait to hear the truth bombs these men of faith will be dropping on us.

Be sure to register early for yourself and anyone else who will be attending with you as, unfortunately, space is limited.


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