Come Play Bingo with Us

Every Tuesday night at the Fr Saffer Hall

12 boards are $22 (tax incl)

18 boards are $27 (tax incl)

Play an extra 9 boards for free on the Tuesday the week of your birthday!

The first ball is called at 6:30

Pull tabs and concessions are available at 4:30

The Fr Saffer Hall is a smoke-free facility


  1. steve lippard

    hi what days do u have ur bingo

  2. Terrah Lowe

    I would love to come play bingo. Would you please let me know the dates and time. Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi, Just updated the page with all the information! I hope to see you all come out on Tuesday night when we return from our snow week off! The Queen of Hearts progressive game’s jackpot is over $7,000!

  4. crystal crowson

    What is address to Come play at

  5. crystal crowson

    What is address

  6. nikki

    How much does it cost to play

  7. lynn

    Is Tuesday the only day for bingo? And what time?

  8. Ruth Hollan

    What is the cost to play Bingo please? Thanks

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